Farmland and Open Spaces Preservation Program

Importance of Our Program
To understand the full benefits of a land preservation program like Ingham County Farmland and Open Space Preservation (ICFOSP), it's essential to have a broad perspective. Humanity needs water, air, soil, plants, and animals to live. They were needed 100 years ago, they're needed today, they'll be needed 100 years from now. They constitute what we call nature.

If you want clean water, open space lands provide that. If you want livable air, open space lands provide that. If you want soils for producing food, again open space lands provide that. When clean water, livable air, and soils are present, plants and animals can thrive. It's clear land preservation programs protect our most vital resources. Because of increasing pressure from human development, the things more essential for human existence need to be actively preserved by programs that provide strong protection. The conservation easements used by the ICFOSP give them such protection.

When you have such a program you are providing clean water and livable air for people. You are protecting land that allows plant and animal biodiversity to thrive. You are protecting land that is a net user of carbon dioxide, the major green house gas. You are retaining the ability to grow food locally and remain independent of distant food sources. you are providing people with recreational opportunities like hunting. You are providing a rural landscape for people to enjoy. With permanent land preservation program's like our, you are ensuring all of this for generations to come.